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    Default discipline Help!!

    We are a fire department with 17 paid and 130 volunteers. We are growing on the paid members and need some SOPS on discipline. We have had problems in the past and need some direction. Ex. on "verbal, write ups and dismissals".

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    Default Here is Phoenix FD's

    Paul in VT
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    Cool I agree........

    I agree with what is posted above.............
    My question is will they all fit in with your Department?
    My best advise would be to talk to the members of your Department, you would be suprised what they will come up with......... Break down the Management/Subordinate wall and it will help you tenfold.
    Blend what your people come up with, with Local laws/regulations and State/Federal regulations and I am pretty sure that you will have an awesome Discipline Policy.
    I'm not sayin' that you have to implent everything that they say, but talk to 'em........ after all, it is them that it will apply to.
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