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    Default Yard Signs

    Does anyone have any examples of yards signs that your department has used for recruitment? I'm trying to create some for my department. I want the layout to be simple, "Volunteer FF's wanted" + phone/email, but also eye catching for passers-by.

    If anyone has any pictures of things you have done I'd appreciate it.

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    "Chicks dig firefighters. Apply within."

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    Default resources

    You can find a lot of freebies at, and These sites all have images of different things for recruitment issues. Here, in Albany County NY, we have formed a "task force" within the county and have had a very successful run for the last seven years or so. Some surrounding counties are making news now forming their own committees.
    The Albany County R&RTF has found the use of 8X3 banners to be a great success. We design a new one every year, and get about 45 or so printed up and given out to each department/company in the county gets one to put up in their district.
    We had done Carnival sized signs, but they where so so, and the lawn signs were not designed well for their purpose, they where the wrong colors for firefighters. I suggest black, red and gold, and red, white and blue combinations.
    Feel free to contact me and I can send you some JPGs of designs. Also I have seen that retention of members seems to be more difficult than recruiting. So I try to say thanks to the other guys & galls that respond to call with me. Regardless of rank it is nice to feel appreciated, something I picked up from a past Asst. Chief.

    Good luck & stay safe.
    Mitch Donovan
    BC Onesquethaw VFC

    BTW one of my favorites is
    "Help Wanted"
    "No Pay"
    "lousy hours"
    "Cool Hat"

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    I know from running for Political Office, lawn signs are fairly cheap. I paid $5 per sign for two print colors on two sides and a metal base. If they are not dated, you can keep them at the FD, and put them out as needed.

    One change I'd like to see, is how we word these signs.

    We started off with Volunteer Firefighters Needed, which I always thought sounded like we were alot more desperate than we really are nationwide.

    Then I started seeing Volunteer Firefighters Wanted, which is good.

    But the wording I really like, came from another member of our department:

    New Volunteer Firefighters Welcome.

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