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    Default E-One Enhanced Ride System

    Looking for anyone who has taken delivery of or driven an E-One chassis with this new Enhanced Ride System. What are your thoughts? What does E O-One say about life of the shocks ad other maintenance issues. Is it costly to maintain or fix if a part breaks? Does anyone have the expierence to compare it to IFS (Tak-4 or others)?


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    looks like upsized brakes, fancy shocks, and an air ride cab (i'd hope the taper leaf springs aren't limited to this package). All of which are good things. But it isn't really a competitor with IFS. There's still a plain old beam axle underneath. I would say the air ride cab would be the thing that really changes the comfort level in the cab. The upside is there's still a plain old beam axle underneath. Spec a normal set of shocks, the air ride cab and and the bigger brakes and go. The brakes should go longer between relines than the standard discs (and will be far superior to drums). The air ride cab'll leak eventually but everyone will get clobbered a little less.

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    Why won't E-One come out with IFS?
    This space for rent

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