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    I know that many request Fire Department Patches. I'm hoping that I will get your assistance as well. In October and November of 2001 I went to NYC to help where ever I could with the WTC Disaster and I'm so proud to have been able to help over 300 in the 3 weeks that I was there. The pleasure of helping them in a small way to get back on their feet after such a horific disaster. I will never regret help those that I did. 3 days before I was to return back home from the work I did there, I became ill with a dry cough, burning eyes and throat, chest tightness, sinus pain and a rash. After I returned home the illness got worse and to the point that I was unable to return to my job and was taken out of work permanently a month after I returned home. I was later to return to NYC to go threw the WTC Screening program and found that I had RADS also known as the WTC Cough and that it was permanent. I take 6 medicines 2 times a day and i'm on antibiotics off and on.
    I can no longer work my job as a Nurse Aide in the School District, I can no longer clean my house because the dust and cleaning supplies hurt my lungs, I can no longer work in my gardens because of the mold and mildew, I can not eat anything cold or go out in the winter if it is to cold. I stay away from groups of people because my resistance is low and I get sick easy. My nevers and muscles swell often, I continue to get a rash on my face and neck they can't explain why. I have medical bills that have put us in debt and I can't buy my medicine at times because of the cost and not having the money for them. Going back and forth to NYC every 6 months put us way in debt and I just don't go there anymore and doctors here do the best they can for me.
    I will be making Quilts to auction off to raise money to help me pay my medical bills and pay the debt from going to NYC. I hope that all will help by sending your Fire Departments Patch and also a Picture of your Fire Engine. My father was a Fire Chief for many years and I was always at the Fire Station and being in Disaster Services for the American Red Cross I got to know many wonderful Firemen. This is a artcle done on me so that you all know that I am ill from the WTC: Thanks for any help that you can give to me. My email address is
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