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    Default Hip Replacements

    Any active firefighters out there who have had hip replacement surgery? After many years of pain and weakness, I have made the decision to get a new right hip. My injury goes back to 1978-I was the passenger on a Honda 750 that t-boned a car. I ended up with a fracture\dislocation of the right hip and spent 6 weeks in traction. It really sucked, especially as a 17 year old. The only good thing is the injury helped steer me towards emergency services. In 1983 I became a member of the volunteer ambulance service that transported me and even worked with the crew that treated me.

    Fast forward 28 years-the last 6 months have been tough. I can swim 20 laps at the YMCA pool and ride my bicycle 50 to 75 miles a week with little problem. Walking 100 yards is very painful. Sitting for a while and getting out of the chair makes me feel like an old man. I saw a surgeon last week who was suprised I made it this far without a replacement.

    The techniques have improved over the past several years. A single 4" incision, no muscle cut, and an implant made of cobolt and ceramic on the femur side and high molecular weight plastic on the hip side. The expected life span of the replacement is 20 years. I located a video of the surgery and watched the operation. Very interesting. It involves power tools, hammers, and a bunch of interesting implements.

    My job is mostly administrative, but I do respond to incidents several times a week. My primary job on scene is incident command, but I do occasionaly end up doing interior operations.

    I certainaly do not want a disability pension, I am only 4 years away from my normal retirement date. If you have had a hip replacement I would like to know how you managed as a fire fighter.

    My date is October 9, 2006-I'll tolerate the pain through the summer. I am really looking forward to the surgery.
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    I have a friend on a metro Boston FD who had a hip replacement done last year. He was in the same predicament as you as far the aches and pains go.

    He feels great now, and is able to keep up with his 2 kids!
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    Drop me an e-mail, leroy140@aol. Further info to follow.

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    I did not have a hip replacment however I had both of my knees replaced two years ago, I am only 27 but when I was 18 y/o I got an infection from my Hep B shots and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid and Ostio Arthritis, this is a very rare response to the shots. Anyways I have been doing ems ever since my knees with barley any problems and just recently applied to be put on a fire truck as well. I think you will feel so much better after and I doubt it will effect you any more than your hip does now, it should feel better if anything.The company who made my titanuim knees and they also do hips is oxinuim, check it out. Good luck and if you have any more questions feel free to ask me.


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