Hey guys and gals. Just sat down with a tasking here from my senior guy. He wants me to put together a quick presentation for the Darley Dolphin floating pump. Looking through the available literature has been a bit unremarkable and hasn't really given me anything to bring to my guys other than "pull here, check here." We're not idiots- we can figure that part out if it means disassembling it and reassembling it (isn't that always how it works on A shift?)

Anyone have any experience working with floating pumps? Any tips and tricks (maybe beyond securing it to land first- I've heard that one already a few times starting with it floating away innocently to guys practically water skiing behind it haha! ) that anyone may have developed through experience with it? Any specific or helpful tactics or creative deployments? What are some useful gadgets to use in tandem with it that I might be able to propose?

Thanks for the response- I'm looking forward to the feedback!