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    My Vollie dept is applying for the Safer grant here in a few weeks. Like alot of other depts around the area, outside of the greater kansas city area, call volumes have just skyrocketed in the past few years. The depts original plan was to have 2-3 guys their during the days, 5 days a week. Well then they decided that instead, if they get the grant, they are going to have people just be on duty, during the time that they sign up for. Only kicker, you can only be on duty, and get paid, a max of 30 hours a month. they talked about paying 15/ hr.

    Is their any other depts out their that do something like this? The arguement that the dept says that right now, nothing is getting done that needs to be getting done due to the increase number in calls. My arguement is, if you have the same guys their working on stuff, those guys will know whats going on and what needs to be done. If we just rotate guys through, I can just see it now, guys are just going to go up and sit around and not know what needs to get done. We are just now starting to get off "The Good ol Boy system" and I can just see a thing like this just taking us 5 steps back in the wrong direction.
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    I am uncertain of the rules and logic that your department is using to make these decisions, but you certainly make a valid point. Its not so much that people won't know what needs done, they won't care.

    Some sort of leadership would be able to advise people what kind of things needed done, additionally people could probably just look around and tell, but people that work there 30 hours a month and are there very little else will just try to get through their day with as little as possible. Maybe not at first, but eventually.

    The flip side of the coin however is that the peole are getting paid to work their 30 hours. If they can't work when they are there, don't give them any more shifts.

    On a side note, I have heard of several departments and was volunteering at another that are turning down the SAFER money. The feds are giving to many directives for its use.

    As the Chief explained to me, if they want to give me some money to hire folks, thats great, but they aren't going to tell me who or what I have to hire. He said no thanks.
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    Our dept. has 2 guys manning our first out Medic Unit, 6 (or is it 7?) days a week. Our chief is the only full time position on the dept. So he is also around during the day.
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