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    Default Live-In / Student Programs???

    Looking for information on Live-In / Student Programs from departments who are currently or have previously ran one.

    1. How was the program organized?
    2. What rules and regulations were placed on particapants?
    - Call Response
    - Station Rules
    - Discipline Action
    3. How effective is/was the program?
    - If not effective what went wrong?
    - Was the program dropped?

    If anyone can provide some insight it is appreciated.

    I tried this in another forum with no success.

    Chief Woods...It looks like you guys have a very extensive programs up there and seems to be working well. Very interested if you could provide some information.
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    Contact Univ. of Alaska-Fairbanks...they run a student/career combo FD.
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    I know that Burtonsville volunteer fire department outside of D.C. runs a live-in/ student program. I know one girl that has done it since she was 16 and is now 22 and she has enjoyed it. Their website is http://www.burtonsvillevfd.com/

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    Default Live-In

    The following links all have Live-in programs here in Lancaster county, PA. The last link, has a listing of Fire Co's in Lancaster Cou8nty and you can link to check out which others to check with. I know a few guys who run with Roherstown 6-7 and would gladly communicate with you about their live-in program, if your intrested shoot me an email gapfirefighter13@epix.net





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