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    Default Another batch of rocket scientist politicians...


    1) If I was the Fire Chief, "I'm not in the business of settling civil disputes. We won't do it."

    2) They mention the mortgage...so the bank may get a tad upset.

    3) I'm assuming VT is like CT -- procedes of a tax sale over and above taxes, fines, sale costs go to the owners. I'm thinking if the Town burns down the house over a $6,500 tax bill, they'll be on the hook for $75,000 or so owed to the (former) owners. While a cleared lot may sell easier, if it sells easier due to a significantly lower value w/ no structure on it...I'm thinking it wouldn't be hard for an attorney to make a bad-faith lawsuit against the town.
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    United Kingdom branch, IACOJ.

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    Imagine if the house caught on fire now that there is a published article about the town possibly burning it down.....
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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    Okay, here's the plan....First we get a family of possums to move into the attic. Then, we try to get rid of the possums by using a flaming kerosene-soaked rag on a stick. When the first possum catches fire and starts running through the house.....or was that a raccoon?


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