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    Default Arlington County CPAT

    I got my packet in the mail today for Alrington County, Virginia. In the packet it is mentioned that I will recieve a CPAT practice schedule immediatly before the test. Is there a practice course for the CPAT, and are you required to attend if you live 9 hours away like I do. (not that the distance matters, just saying...) Any other tips, info you can give would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    ACFD has a CPAT practice course that they open up on scheduled days that you can use leading up to the CPAT. It's very helpful and will give you a good idea of what to expect before you take the exam. It's not mandatory but I would recommend trying to make at least a couple sessions so you know what to expect on "game day", especially if you haven't taken a CPAT before.

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    If you've never taken the CPAT before I'd say go through it. It basically shows you what you have to do for each station. It's worth it if you've never done the CPAT.
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