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    Default fair pay practices

    Five of us were hired from outside of the instillation(first time this was done in 20 years) with either a grade of 4 or 5 step 1 depending on our individuals backgrounds. Approximately 3 years into our job they hired someone who had started in one of the shops for six months prior to his transfer with no type of emergency service background. He was brought in as a 4 with a much higher step. in two years he made top step in grade 6. Now having almost seven years in this dept I can see them bringing another firefighter in the dept with no experience or training that will make alot more than us. I don't want to see anyone lose money. However it tears apart our moral knowing that we will never make top step or be close to what these people are making,even though we have the experience and training. Our local is split because they want to see future firefighter reap the benefits they recieved. According to the law as we understand it, everything that was done was legal. Has anyone run across this issue in there dept? or any suggestions!!

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    "according to the law as we understand it......."

    Who is we and how do they come to their interpretation of the law? Which law are you using? Have you filed any queries or complaints or otherwise contacted your regional CPOC? I would avoid your facility's HRO as if this is a "Good Old Boy's" thing, they may very well be in on it.

    Have your Union Rep (hopefully you are IAFF and not AFGE or NAGE) contact the REGIONAL CPOC and voice their concerns to them. Sounds to me like you may have legitimate grounds to toss a ULP claim against your management.
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    Sounds like you've already familiarized yourself with the USC and Title V regarding transfer of fed employees and "save pay". Sorry, brother, that's how the game is played. In fact, there's nothing stopping you from leaving the 0081 field for a year or two, taking a GS-7/9/whatever job (secretary, gardner, etc) and coming back as a 6 step 10. In all honesty, save pay was designed for victims of a RIF or forced transfer. I haven't read where it is to be applied to voluntary transfers...but most places I've seen do it anyways.

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    I myself was the beneficiary of this particular pay practice. I started at an Army base as a WG-11 step 1 in the power plant. Made it to step 3. Then transferred to Dept of Commerce as a WG-10 step 5. There are only 5 steps in the WG series. I made it to WG-11 after one year there and got an 11 step 5. Title 5 requires the agency to match your pay when transferring. Unless there is no matching in the new pay band. I then went to the Dept of Commerce as a Firefighter GS-7. When they figure your pay they use the GS base pay not the actual F/F pay. I was making about 55k as a WG-11. They had to match 55k on the GS base pay side, Where do you think that put me? It gave me a GS-7 step 10 at 73k/yr. I actually was told by personnel that I was recieving a pay cut!!! They do it this was because there is no "official" F/F pay chart. Go to OPM and look. Even on your SF-50 it gives the GS base as your salary. Talk about the guys being ****ed......Then to top it off I had 11 years millitary and 4 WG series years, that gave me 15 yrs service comp time and 14 hours of annual a year. I see your point as being unfair but thats the way the system works. Don't be mad at the F/F he may not have known what would happen. By the way it doesn't work by going to a regular GS job and back again...Usually only works for the WG side.

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    What does your job desriptions say? Most DOD firefighters are supposed to be a GS-7 from what I understand. If they perform as haz-mat techs and/or EMTs. Where I am from we are fighting that battle and looks like it will be won. I think that a GS-4 and GS-5 firefighter are supposed to be trainees, if you have been there seven years I would think you are getting screwed. Are you with AFGE? If so and you haven't gotten good representation from them there are steps you can take to file with the National. Check these web sites out for more information: http://www.afge.org/ and http://www.afgefirefighters.org/

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