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    Arrow Fire/Ems/PD Patches Needed for MAW Child's Dream....

    Dear Emergency Professionals,
    Ephrata Area Rescue Service Company 115 recently participated in the Make A Wish Convoy in Lancaster, PA. They had the pleasure of meeting Ian Swarr. Ian has Epidermolysis Bullosa, which basically leaves his skin very fragile that it can blister with just a touch, or even a hug from his mother http://www.ebinfoworld.com/ for more info. There is not a cure and it is considered a very fatal disease. Ian is a firefighter fanatic. His room is decked out with just about everything you can get for the child that is firefighter related. This child is always smiling. I myself cannot imagine what he goes through. From the information from the website above, he is in alot of pain all of the time. My heart goes out to him and his family. My company and a few others are looking into assisting the family in helping them make their house more wheelchair accessible. Since he is such a fanatic, I was thinking about doing a patch drive to be able to give him the nice gift of a patch collection. I know alot of companies get requests for free patches. I apologize for doing to the same. I just thought I would put it out there. If you would be able to do so, Please send me an Email @ PUMP@PUMPFIRE.COM and I can give you a mailing address. Thank you in advance for considering this. We hope to get a nice collection to help keep Ian smiling. We would like to get a patch from everybody's Department to show our and your support for this MAW childs patch collection. Its a small favor im asking of everyone, PLEASE try to donate atleast one.

    Thanks in Advance....
    Chris 'PUMP' Haldeman
    Owner/Chief Web Designer PUMPFIRE.COM

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    what a good cause.....bump

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    Nice cause.

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