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    Default Utah-plane crash in Utah Lake Kills 3

    Small Plane Crashes at Utah Lake
    June 9th, 2006 @ 8:26am
    Sam Penrod Reporting

    A small plane apparently crashed into Utah Lake. But stormy weather kept emergency crews from searching the lake early this morning.

    The plane was flying from St. George to Provo last night with three people on board. All three are believed to be from Utah County. The plane didn't arrive at the airport, and was reported missing.

    Authorities say they've found what appears to be a debris field in Utah Lake, two miles west of the Provo boat harbor. The debris field is about one mile long and a mile wide.

    But, crews haven't been able to get out on the lake because of a thunderstorm and high winds in the area. They plan to use jet skis and waverunners to search the area as soon as the storm clears.

    Authorities doubt anyone could have survived the crash, and view this morning's efforts as more of a recovery than a rescue effort.
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