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    Question Grant Funding Amendment Question

    Hi All,

    While I'm sitting around trying to get everyone NIMS compliant and catching up on paperwork we are working through the final purchasing for our Fire Act grant from '05.

    We were awarded among other things $5800 for 2 AED's that would be pediatric capable per the new rules. Both of these are replacing AED's that are in service on our trucks now. In going back to actually purchase these, we now are told that they are much less than the price we were quoted.

    After all is said and done, there looks to be enough money to purchase an additional AED. So what's my question??

    Well there are a couple.

    I know I have to do an amendment, but is this the kind of activity that is feasable in the scope of the grant?

    And secondly and most important...The thought was to place this third AED in the school with the dept providing upkeep, service and training. I thought I read somewhere that anything purchased through a grant had to be on dept. property. Anyone have an idea before I go back to the dept with an answer as to if the extra one is an option, or if we'd be better off spending it elsewhere within out grant scope (i.e.extra batteries, carrying cases, etc...).

    Thanks All.

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    I can't help with the second question, but for the first one...
    You may not have to file an amendment and you may be able to purchase the third AED without any amendment. Call your Regional contact and discuss with him/her. Then follow up with an e-mail confirmation so that you have something besides your notes to document if they say it is okay. We prefer the Regional office since they will do the audit.

    We were awarded for 18 sets of turnout and were able to purchase 20, no amendment necessary. Document everything!!


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    If it's less then $5000 then you don't need an amendment to purchase the 3rd AED.

    But you can't purchase that 3rd one and place it somewhere else. It does need to stay in department control on department property or vehicles. It can't go to the school and stay. You can take it for trainings and point it out to the schools as to how important they are to have. For less than $5000 I think every school should have at least one anyway.

    - Brian
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    Thanks guys...BC hit the point I was thinking about the most, which requires us to keep it on dept. property. I wholeheartedly agree that every school should have one even if (like I feel about every piece of lifesaving/rescue equipment we own) it is hopefully never used.

    Thanks for helping to affirm what I was thinking..we'll look at other options!

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    We struck a deal with 4 churches in our rural response area. Each church bought an AED, we provided the training on how to use them, and paid for a combination lock to go on an exterior door at the church, in close proximity to where the AED is located. The church allows us 24 X 7 access to use the AED in the community. If we have a medical responder call near that church, a medical responder can go by the church in his private vehicle, pick up the AED, and respond directly to the scene. And because we have access to the AED at all times, the County EMS pays for the annual inspection and maintenance on them, which is a sweet deal for us and the churches.

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