My city has just completed a pay study. With this pay study our parity with the police department has changed. For decades we have been equal in pay grade to our counter parts in the police department. Our local president is going to contact the International for some guidance and direction.

One of our elected officials said that our city is following the national trend.
Here is our rank structure and the police counterpart:

Firefighter -- Police Officer (+1 grade)
Senior Firefighter -- Senior Police Officer ( equal )
Fire Sergeant -- Police Sergeant(+1 Pay grade)
Fire Lieutenant -- Police Lieutenant(+2 Pay grades)
Battalion Chief -- Police Captain (+1 Pay grade)
Deputy Chief -- Deputy Chief (+1 Pay grade)
Fire Chief -- Police Chief ( Equal )

Population - 26000
Stations - 4
2 ALS transport
3 Shifts of 15 (BC, 2 Lts, 2 Sgts, 10 FFs and Sr FFs(paramedics) mixed.

I would like you to let me know how your locality compares and any suggestions that you might have.

Thanks in Advance!