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    Default Everyones nightmare.......SOGs/SOPs

    I am looking to update our department greatly. Currently we have several policies and proceedures however none of them discuss tatics, operations, etc. etc. Does anyone have SOGs/SOPs similar to what I am looking for? If so can you send me a copy? trailfreek@msn.com

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    I know that you will probably get the post that tells you to do a search and you will find happiness, but I figured that I was helped when I did our departments SOG's so the least I can do is return the favor.

    There is a section in firefighter close calls that has SOG'S listed by some departments. You can also look at charlottesville fire department and they have probably the best set of SOG's a person could look for in a nice readable setting. Seattle also has realy nice set ups with theirs as well.

    What I did was mirrot Charlottsville's to some extent on the programing, but I still had to dissect each one and hand write it to meet our departments needs. Takes a good bit if time and effort. over 1500 pages and I still need to fine tune some newer items, and this is for a volunteer department that handles 550 fire-rescue-EMS calls a year.

    My belief was to do it right the first time because I wasn't sure when I would have the time to re do them later.

    Hope that helps.

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    I'll second Orangebusters suggestion to look at Billy G's firefighterclosecalls. There are a number of SOG's out there that can be used as a basis for starting your own and tailoring them to your department. Good luck.
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    Hi mate......we run SOPs as well...have a look on our site and you should find them its www.rfs.nsw.gov.au.

    Im not sure if they will be any help to you...but have a look and if you cant find them just sing out and I will give you a hand.


    as I said...PM me if you need a hand.

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    I basically built our SOG's from scratch.
    I used the book "Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines" by John Lee Cook, Jr as a dependable reference.

    They have been sent to the DC's for review so I can't send them to you; at this stage; they have not been formally accepted.

    Good Luck.
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    Post Don't reinvent the wheel!

    SKCFA, don't reinvent the wheel. Do what alll great agencies/ FF's have done for decades- find an agency that has great SOG's, and plagiarize them (I am serious). For rescue squads, Charlottesville-Albermarle has a great set of SOG's (www.rescue1.org), and they are easy to download. To the lads from CARS, thanks for generously sharing your info! As far as fire SOG's, you'll have to do some digging, but check with your surrounding FD's as well. Good luck!

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    Can't go wrong if you go to www.vcos.org and click on resources. I'm LAZY, there are many people out there smarter than myself who have done the research and made all the English good. I try to steal as much as the law will allow or until the patience of the person I'm stealing from is on it's last nerve. The SOP's/GOG's on this sight have been through the wringer and there's enough info there to at least get you pointed in the right direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skcfa1523
    I am looking to update our department greatly. Currently we have several policies and proceedures however none of them discuss tatics, operations, etc. etc. Does anyone have SOGs/SOPs similar to what I am looking for?
    I can suggest a couple of resources that I have used in the past:

    Prince Georges Co. MD Structural Fire General Orders

    FDNY Firefighting Tactics & Procedures Manuals

    Keep in mind that both of these departments have a large amount of resources that respond on a first alarm so not all of their procedures may work in your setting. They do however respond to a huge amount of fires so chances are they have perfected procedures or tactics that can be used even if the number of apparatus and firefighters that respond on the initial alarm is less than what they have.

    Also, here's some advice that I have been previously given: Lawyers love SOGs & SOPs because many times a department has a written document of what they are supposed to do that they then never follow.

    Stay safe.
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