We're a small, rural Vollie department exploring the possibility of going "part paid". I am on a quest to solicit information from other departments that have RECENTLY went through this endeavor with the hopes of a bit of enlightenment. We're looking for a source of funding, etc. outside of the "normal" city/county levels. Grants? Federal?

We're fully funded for equipment and our exploration is toward funding the "paid on call" program, somewhere in the neighborhood of $10.00 per call, etc. per responding fire fighter with the eventuality of perhaps putting 4-8 fire fighters on a full-time staffing situation.

I'll be speaking with State reps concerning the funding, I am more interested in your experience with the Federal and/or private grant programs that may assist us.

Also, we cover approximately 30 miles of Federally funded 4-Lane highway. Our normal call log for the year reads on average of around 400 responses, 80% of which are classified as "rescue". Of these, approximately 1/2 are MVC's on or around the above mentioned 4-Lane (est. 160 MVCs per year on this highway).

Any input?