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    I made it a point to bring ice cream for the whole shift (I even made sure it was the good stuff). This was a big hit and remembered for years. The guy who was least senior except for me continued to be picked on even after I joined the shift. The real reason was that I ignored all of the practical jokes and never let them get to me. He on the other hand whined constantly and took every joke personally. He finally complained to the Captain (not a wise move on his part) that the other guys should be picking on me instead of him since I was the new guy. The Captain told him the reason everyone picked on him and not me was that I brought ice cream on my first day and he didn't. From that point on, whenever this individual was the subject of a practical joke, the comment was always made "You should have brought ice cream on your first day."

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    Quote Originally Posted by HM604OH
    From that point on, whenever this individual was the subject of a practical joke, the comment was always made "You should have brought ice cream on your first day."
    So,has the guy figured out the path to redemption yet or does he figure it's a street in another first in district?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FTMPTB15
    Here's a piece of advice I was given as a probie:

    "Remember one thing: you're joinin' us; we're not joinin' you. This is a team. Listen to the guys, and we'll bring ya home."

    That has always stuck with me.

    It'll stick with me too, thanks for that.
    That's my new favorite qoute.

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    Some have previously hit on the things to do and what not to do but I find that this man summed it up best and we will forever be greatful for his contribution to the Fire Service.

    Advice for PROBIES...

    By the late, great Deputy Chief Ray Downey-FDNY

    Rest In Peace, Chief

    1. When ready for duty - check all the masks - full cylinders, clean facepieces, etc
    2. When reporting for duty - ask if anyone wants to leave early
    3. Make sure all your gear is ready to go. Check your pockets for gloves & light.
    4. Make coffee-learn how the coffee machine works.
    5. Lunch & Dinner - find out what has to be done, i.e., peel the potatoes, clean the fish, etc.,
    6. Set the table, dishes, knives & forks, glasses, salt & pepper, etc.,
    7. After lunch or dinner, jump into the sink, pots, pans, dishes, etc.,
    8. When something has to be done, "Volunteer," don't wait for the Officer to tell you to do it
    9. Find out what the "Company Policy Is!" watches, AFID, nozzle, back up, etc.,
    10. Always say "SIR" to Chief's & Officers (they like it)
    11. Always get off the rig with your mask when responding to a report of a "FIRE"
    12. When at fire, listen for your Officers instructions
    13. Always stay with your Company
    14. At fires - STAY LOW
    15. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes & ears open.
    16. "NEVER GIVE UP," a famous quote from a D.I.
    North Georgia

    - Let No Mans Ghost Come Back To Say My Fire Training Let Me Down -

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