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    Default June 14 --Flag Day

    Today is Flag Day June 14 -- Flag Day, is a day for all Americans to celebrate and show respect for our flag, its designers and makers. Our flag is representative of our independence and our unity as a nation.....one nation, under God, indivisible. Our flag has a proud and glorious history. It was at the lead of every battle fought by Americans. Many people have died protecting it. It even stands proudly on the surface of the moon. As Americans, we have every right to be proud of our culture, our nation, and our flag. So raise the flag today and every day with pride!

    Properly Display Our Flag

    There is a right way and a wrong way to display the flag. The American flag should be held in the highest of regards. It represents our nation and the many people who gave their lives for our country and our flag. Here are the basics on displaying the American flag:

    The flag is normally flown from sunrise to sunset.
    In the morning, raise the flag briskly. At sunset, lower it slowly. Always, raise and lower it ceremoniously.
    The flag should not be flown at night without a light on it.
    The flag should not be flown in the rain or inclement weather.
    After a tragedy or death, the flag is flown at half staff for 30 days. It's called "half staff" on land ,and "half mast" on a ship.
    When flown vertically on a pole, the stars and blue field , or "union", is at the top and at the end of the pole (away from your house).
    The American flag is always flown at the top of the pole. Your state flag and other flags fly below it.
    The union is always on top. When displayed in print, the stars and blue field are always on the left.
    Never let your flag touch the ground, never...period.
    Fold your flag when storing. Don't just stuff it in a drawer or box.
    When your flag is old and has seen better days, it is time to retire it. Old flags should be burned or buried. Please do not throw it in the trash.
    Did you Know? There is a very special ceremony for retiring the flag by burning it. It is a ceremony everyone should see.Your local Boy Scout group knows the proper ceremony and performs it on a regular basis. If you have an old flag, give it to them. And, attend the ceremony.
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    BUMP! Bump it baby...

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    Quote Originally Posted by E40FDNYL35
    The flag should not be flown in the rain or inclement weather. .

    Ray , I was under the impression that if you had an all weather flag, you could leave it out in the rain.

    Tahnks for reminding me , however, my flag, which is flown 24/7 with a flood light on it, has a small rip in one of the white stripes. It is proudly displayed on a pole with a bearing in it so that it wont tangle up on itself in the wind.
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    Our local VFW post also performs the flag retirement ceremony. We either give it to them or the Boy Scouts. Great post. Sadly a lot of people don't know the rules.

    Never Forget 9-11-2001

    Stay safe out there!

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    Plus it's a paid holiday for the CFD. Icing on the cake!
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    Thumbs up Thank you

    Thank you for posting such an informative post.

    Reminds me of the days growing up when I was required to bring the flag in when the sun went down at our home. My father was a LT CMDR. I remember the respect he gave to the American Flag. I will never forget the emphasis on.... never let the flag touch the ground.


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    never let the flag touch the ground.
    I know that phrase real well too. When I was a Cadet we raised and lowered each meeting night, and well.... just as Melis says.... I never had that problem, but one or two others did. It werent pretty. The Officers were never mean or really aggressive, but you sure knew you'd screwed up.
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    wish I had seen this sooner -- It was also the Army B-day -- 231 years of winning the nation's wars (officially). this doesn't consider everything that happened before 1775.

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