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    Greetings everybody I am new to this website. I am not a firefighter but aspire to be one someday.

    I wanted to ask a few questions on some advice to best reach that path. I have already graduated high school and had 2 years of Army JROTC in high school. I'm currently enlisted in the Army and I ship out to Basic at the end of June for a 4 year enlistment as an Airborne Infantryman.

    What do you think would be the best degree to study, to help me at having a better chance at getting hired at a fd after my enlistment? I don't think I can study fire science though becasue I will be taking classes through something called earmyu its sort of an online college and it doesn't offer fire science. Do you think just having a basic degree would help me like a degree in business or computers or something? That way I wouldn't paint myself in a corner.

    Also I know alot of FD you have to be emt certified. Do you get that training once you get hired or at the fire academy or something? Or do you have to get that on your own?

    Last question I have is once my 4 years are up and I get out trying to get on at a fd. I am going into the National Guard would it benefit me alot to change my mos from Infantry to something more related to ff like a combat medic( I beleive you get emt certified through that) you can't do ff in the guard though so that one would be out.

    Well thanks for any responses and thank you all for your service.
    BTW I'm from Milford, Ohio which is close to Cincinnati Ohio if there happens to be any ff on here from that area that may know more on the different qualifications for the ff in the area around here. Thanks again

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    moving the message

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    Best thing I can think of is while you're at jump school see the guys with the tan hats when they come to visit-- 11B1V is a better choice.
    I am a highly trained professional and can find my :: expletive deleted:: with either hand in various light conditions.

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