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    Default Gut Belt / Equipment Belt question(s)

    I am considering purchasing an X-Treme Rescue gut belt for work with my Vol. Department but I have a couple questions that I hope can be answered here.

    1. Would you recommend purchasing a Ladder Hook Attachment, such as some of the products that Yates makes, or would I be better off making my own from rescue rope and caribeaners? It seems as though making your own would be better since you can make custom lengths. I know some of the Yates products are adjustable, so maybe that is not an issue.

    2. Which attachments would you recommend. I would really like some form of axe holder, either a specific holder made just for axes or maybe an equipment ring that can hold axes or a halligan tool. again, looking for a recommendation.

    3. What other forms of safety equipment would you recommend carrying. I currently have a folding lock blade knife, chem-light, and 20' rope. I have heard others mention that having some good wire cutters is also a good practice. I understand that the list could be practically endless, but I don't need 200 pounds of tools hanging off my back-side while trying to fight a fire either.

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    Here are a couple of answers to your questions:

    Traditionally, we sell the ladder hook attachment from Yates with the Gut Belt if you are going to working from a aerial device. Most guys on the job with me just have the belts with no attachment due to weight and that we rarely work off the end of the aerial.

    In regards to the axe holder, I only know one FF that uses an axe holder. Most of us just slip the axe between the belt and our turnout jacket. This works well and it easy to get at the axe. Some guys/gals have a few tools having from the belt including: Vulcan/Light Hawk (or o/ light), bailout bag, knife, etc......this list could go on forever. Just remember the more you pack on your gear, the heavier it gets.

    Good luck and you can refer to my site or shoot me an-email if you have any other questions!


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    Folding spanner on one side, and a personal light on the other. I slip the axe between the belt and my coat, most axe holders seem to let it hang too low, it drags and swings too much. The rest of my stuff goes in my pockets. Look at thee TTKO from Trilex if you have your own pants. As for a ladder hook.....hmm, well. here is the way I look at it, if you are operating off a ladder tip, then you'll be wearing a ladder belt for the job, if you are hooked into a roof ladder and fall through, you just became a hanging roast...i've thought about going back to it for roof ops, but have decided to just stick with a syracuse cut..I love my gut belt, it works great.
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