In January of 2001 Report Exposures, LLC, a company founded by firefighters, launched the first nationwide online exposure reporting and archiving service for firefighters and EMS personnel. Since then individual members from across the United States have benefited from the ability to report exposures online. Recently the service has expanded to include firefighters in Canada.

Report Exposures, LLC. announced that it has launched a new affiliate service for Provincial and Local organizations.

The affiliate service works by integrating our exposure reporting system within an organization’s existing website. Users (firefighters, law enforcement officers and EMS personnel) can login to the database from their own organization’s home page in order to:

• Document exposures using an online exposure report form
• View a list of exposures reported to date
• Edit an existing report
• Print a single report or print all reports
• View and print a summary of reports by date and type
• Update personal information (address, telephone, etc.)

Records are maintained securely with complete confidentiality. In the event of a work related illness, members can simply print out all relative exposure reports and include them with any claims for benefits they file.

The affiliate service allows organizations a solution for providing the benefit of online exposure reporting to their entire membership. The new system also gives affiliates administrative control over their accounts. Affiliates can add and remove users as needed, view billing and payment information, update their affiliate information, and gather statistical information specific to their organization’s records.

Report Exposures provides the software, hosting, maintenance, service, support, and data storage for an annual membership fee per user. Generous discounts are offered based on the size of the organization.

Reporting exposures goes a long way toward protecting the future of firefighters and their families. To learn more about reporting exposures, visit