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Thread: Life Members

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    Default Life Members

    Can anyone give me some details about "life members." I have read of departments that bestow this title after a certain number of years in service but just what is involved? We have 2 people that have in 20 years, 2 more coming up on 20 years and one with over 18. Some have begun to slow down some in their participation. They have a lot of valuable knowledge and experience that could be passed along to the newer people and I want to keep that around.
    Do life members still train? Are they still active on calls?
    Any SOPs, SOGs, department policies or, rules and regulations regarding life members that you could pass along would be appreciated.

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    In our department we have a life member program, we have two classes of life members, active life members and inactive life members. Active life members must make the training requirements and company qualifications in order to still respond to calls, they are exempt from the voting requirements.
    Inactive life members are carried on the company roles as members, but they cannot respond to calls, they are exempt from the voting requirements. Inactive life members are more or less kept on the active role so they meet the requirements of the company's group life policy.

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    My Dad's former dept. has the life member program as well. They have active and associate member. Active being well......active. And associates being inactive. My dad is a life member there, but we do not even live in the same state anymore, so he is an associate. Even though he isn't there, plenty of guys that got on with him are, so everytime we go back when someone asks his name, they have heard at least one story involving him.
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    I've seen numerous versions.

    In my first department, when you went life, you no longer responded to calls or participated in drills. "Active" life members still attend meetings and they are accountable for their assigned firehouse duty (cleaning, etc.). They still have voting powers, but only for non-firematic issues. "Inactive" life members are essentially only listed on the roster. If an active member misses six meetings in a twelve month period, their status is automatically changed to inactive. Inactive members continue to have access to the station.

    Some departments consider active life the same as regular member status without the need to maintain a percentage of drills, calls & meetings. There are certainly concerns operating under this method - if they're not showing up for training, they shouldn't be allowed to respond (IMO).

    While you are developing your own SOP/SOG/By-Laws, have someone check into your company's insurance requirements for responding members as a reference.
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    depends on the area. on my former department, life membership was granted upon 20 years of service to the FD. It was granted at 15 years if you were chief or president, and 12 years if you served as both. life members had no requirements, could show up if and when they chose too, and could vote.

    my new department has an "exempt" status at 10 years. active exempt have to meet the same requirements as regular people with physicals and trainings but not calls. in active excempt members don't have both. both can vote.

    personally, I like the 20 years, with 15 if you are chief or president.
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    I became a life member about 7 years ago. What's it mean? I don't have to participate in cleanups, fundraising, or meetings. I still do, I just don't have to.
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    We have life members in the Dept I belong to. In order to qualify you must have 25 years of service to the Dept. Life members can either be inactive or active. If they go inactive, they can become active again by meeting the minimum requirements of the Dept. Inactive life members are also welcome at all meetings and functions. Inactive members however have no voting rights in the Dept. Life members also get a plaque honoring there service to the Dept. It's basically just something to say thank you to the people who have given so much of there time.
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