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    Default Trustee's Show in Springfield

    To all:

    Is anyone going to the Fire Protection District's Show this week in Springfield? I am just curious to see if anyone will be there.


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    I'm not personally going but I believe one of our trustees is going. I do know that our new Crimson pumper/tanker will be on display at the show so if anyone gets a chance to take a peek at it let me know. I went to pick it up at the manufacturer but have not seen it yet fully done with lettering, brackets, etc. so if anyone sees it make sure to rub it in that you saw it completely finished before me!

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    Default Waste of Time

    This show is horrible, it will take you about 30 mins to see everything they have. If they would combine this and the Il Chiefs Show, that would be a good show.

    Over the past 5 years this show has gone way down. But if this is the only chance you get to see a show, then it will have to do. But if possible save up some cash and got to FDIC.

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