Fire Destroys Two Homes, Damages Another
June 19th, 2006 @ 12:09pm
Gene Kennedy reporting
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Fire destroyed two homes under construction in West Jordan. A third home was damaged as well. Investigators say the fire was arson.

K-9s found flammable liquid at multiple points in the structure; in the basement and garage. Investigators thought the blaze was suspicious from the beginning.

Even from miles away, you couldn't miss orange glow. Those living close to the flames awakened, thinking they heard an explosion.

Batt. Chief Marc McElreath, West Jordan Fire Dept.: "It's very possible there could have been an explosion prior to our arrival with maybe whatever the contents were inside the home."

The blaze started in a home that was under construction. By the time fire fighters arrived, it collapsed into a pile of burnt rubble. It then became a battle between wind and water.

No matter how much crews sprayed the flames, a strong breeze fanned the fire. The flames spread to another home under construction.

Batt. Chief Marc McElreath, West Jordan Fire Dept.: "We had houses on both sides on the original fire. Those were an exposure problem for us."

By sunrise, a scene of total destruction. One home burned to its' foundation, another, just a skeleton of burned boards. Both are total losses. A third home has significant damage as well. In total, potentially a million dollars lost.