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    Question Fema Deployment

    Just curious if any one has recieved any deployment requests or have been deployed since they took there Disaster Generalist class and if so where to?

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    Default Generalists

    DAE's are getting the high majority of current call outs.

    Some (a few) generalists were deployed to New England for the flooding, all or most of them were from Montana.

    Just info from my region boss.
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    Default Waiting and hoping

    Waiting for the big one, we've got these people trained now and FEMA is in the Toledo, Ohio area today. if they get declared, I would not mind the short trip there in the meantime.

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    Default Heeellllppppp

    Ok guys, up front, this is the first time I have heard of this title or im behind...I am a FF/medic, and since Katrina, I have been self employed doing contract EMS work.
    I have been all over South LA since Septmeber, and I am still contracted in Plaquemine parish today.

    If someone has some time, could you reply or drop me a line at
    I am interested in learning more about this position with FEMA, and if there is an opportunities for me.

    Thank in advance,

    Jeremy (bigj164019) - FireFighter-I/Paramedic
    Fraternal Order of Paramedics Society
    Member I.A.C.O.J. EMS Bureau

    "Live for today, because yesterdays are over, and tomorrows may never come"!

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    Cool deployment

    some of my friends got sent to new york for flooding. they was out pa.

    also one friend got called to go to generalist training for the second time , he went to mossouri for training the a couple of weeks ago go called to see why he didnt go to training. he told them that he went thay said no problem and would take care of it and update his file.

    guess he just got called to go to alabama for training, he asked what kind of traiing they told him for his generalist training that he didnt attend.

    so they are updating his file hehehe anybody want to take bets?

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