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    Default SAFER application question

    * 11. Will the personnel recruited meet the minimum local or State fire and EMS training and certification requirements for firefighters within 12 months of appointment?

    Our department doesn't mandate training to the state certification level, but the state certification is not a state requirement. Would I then answer this question by taking the "local" requirements into account (which are really the only "requirements" since the state doesn't mandate certification)?

    I just want to make sure I answer honestly without shooting myself in the foot. On the other hand, I'll probably have to answer "no" anyway since we normally allow 2 years to get the required training in.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Andy, if the department has required training isn't that a mandate?

    Even if the state doesn't require a certification there still should be a minimum number of training hours that the department requires before newbies are allowed to ride and go interior. TX "recommends" 70 hours, which like NFPA isn't a requirement, but try having someone get hurt after riding and going interior without meeting that. Lawyer Field Day. If you want to check those out hit www.sffma.org and it's under the Certification link. Introductory I believe is what they call it.

    Even if there's a 2 year requirement to meet some department training level, if they are riding the trucks before that 2 year time, and especially before that 12 month time, then they do meet local requirements and you answer Yes. If they're riding the truck and fighting fire within 12 months of joining then your local requirements have been met so you're not lying on the answer. Is that really enough hours to be competent and riding according to the powers that be? Don't know you're requirements so I can't say. But if you train new recruits and they fight fire within 1 year of joining, they met whatever requirements you had.


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    I would add to that the requirement be a written SOP at minimum.
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