I plan on filing my application for the civil service test for Elizabeth. One of the requirements is that I have a valid NJ drivers license. I made the unfortunate mistake of getting a DWI recently.

Now this is the tricky part.

My actual conviction and suspension is on hold because of a question of the validity of the breathalizer test that was given. The state is conducting tests to see if it was accurate enough to be used in court, and all pending convictions and suspensions are on hold pending the outcome. So right now, I don't have the conviction or suspension on my record.

I'm am hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

If I do end up being suspended for 7 months, and have the conviction on my record, should I kiss any chance of becoming a FF goodbye?

Other than that one stupid mistake, I am a model citizen. I graduation HS, was captian of the championship wresting team, and am a volunteer FF in my town, am in very good shape, and have already completed the academy.

Please help.