Itís all about Presentation Skills

While walking around our county fair I came across a guy with a back up sound system, a guitar that also took requests. When someone made a request, he slipped in an older style hard disc that played the background music and he sang his little heart out. It sounded canned.

Walking around the narrow streets of Toledo, Spain we heard live music ahead. Around a corner sat a street artist musician playing a Cello accompanied by music from an amplified CD. The sound carried through the old part of the city. The music captured our interest so we sat at a nearby outdoor cafť to take in the ambience.

The best though was a violinist in Madrid who captured our interest as he played along with classical music that was fed into an amplifier from and tiny Ipod. It was one of those experiences where you didnít want to leave. The money that was dropped into his violin case spoke volumes.

We walked into the music room while touring the Kings Palace in Madrid. The guide said this violin is a Stradivarius. After a long pause she said theyíre all Stradivarius in this room. I was stunned. There were six priceless Stradivarius around the room. Two violins, two cellos and one viola. Itís great to be king. Someone asks if they were played. The guide said they must be played several times a year or they will loose their sound and quality. One of the Chellos was out being played somewhere around the world.

Your oral board skills are like a Stradivarius. If you donít practice they become rusty and will loose their effectiveness.

What instrument of choice are you using for your interviews? How does your presentation sound to the oral board? Are you heard as an older style hard disc canned clone or a state of the art Ipod Stradivarius that will amplify your presentation to capture the interest of the panel to make the cut?

A good way to find out is by practicing with one of the state of the art flash technology tiny digital recorders that you can take anywhere like the Olympus recorder that has no moving parts, records for hours and operates on one AAA battery.