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    Default Al Qaeda London Targets

    US Dept of Homeland security has revealed how Al Qaeda planned to Hijack Planes in London and Crash them at London's Heathrow Airport, and London's High Rise district Canary Wharf.

    Canary Wharf is a modern development of over 30 Skyscrapers built on derelict Dockland area in East London. I spent most of my career at Poplar, the East London Station that covers the area and in 2003, the time the attacks were planned I was Station Commander (Batt Chief) for that Station. My wife also works in a Building over there.

    Jesus..if we knew what was coming would we ever get out of bed. I thank God for whoever uncovered that plot...My two Daughters may have been orphans now and my third would never have been born....how's that for a sobering thought!!!!

    I have moved on now, but I am only a few Stations north of Poplar and would attend a catastrophic incident over there, my wife still works there. I wish god speed to the Police and Security Services in all of our allied Countries and may these people never get lucky again like they did in NYC, Washington, London, Madrid, Bali & Egypt.

    Sky News story
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    Steve its not even something to think about......the more you think of what migth have happened, the more it will hit you. Just be thankful that some government agent somewere did his job rigth and saved alot of people, and the thing is he probably doesnt even know it....

    Its like the Al Qeada plot to land 2 planes into Selafeild....and for the people out there that dont know what Selafield is, here's a quick explanation..

    Al Qeada send to planes to the Selafield plant, a Nuclear station on the west coast of England, if it had of happened it would mean all of Wales, the south of England and the East coast of Ireland would now be a nuclear wasteland.....now that plot was also uncovered, but if i was to think about it every day i'd move to the west of Ireland...that station is to close for comfort to me
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    That's right Steve my man.................If you keep thinking about the "what if" you will think yourself right into a padded room with a view.

    Just be thankful for what you have right now. (not to get all bible thumpy at all) When your number is called by the "man above", there is no appeal process, just enjoy it while it lasts.
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