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    Red face AMKUS Cutter 5,000 PSI

    I just bought a "never used before" surplus AMKUS cutter. It came to me with 5,000 PSI hoses on it. I think this is a sign that I've been had. I thought AMKUS was all 10,000 psi? Now I am thinking I should have bought new and depenable.

    I don't fight fires, I was going to use it for cleaning up a lot of scrap. It is the 25HD model, and, otherwise looks nice with new blades and grease. Am I right that these cutters take 10,000 psi hoses? After reading some other posts on forums, I see that I will get better and prompt info from you guys than from AMKUS.

    Thank you,

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    if you go and look at amkus's website, it would tell you on there, I looked on there real quick, and everything that they have is showing a max. operating pressure of 10,500 psi.

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    Default 5000 Psi

    Back in the 1980's Amkus did produce 5000 psi systems to cut into the market share of other manufacturers. I cannot remember if it was a military tender or not at the time.

    Tell tale sign, the cylinders of the cutters and spreaders are larger than the 10k Amkus series that is basically the same today as it was 15 to 20 years ago.

    Bottom line, yes they did. I do not sell rescue tools at this time but if you need verification just reply back to this post.

    Take Care !

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    Just the same you better make sure of your model before you go a-cuttin!


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