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    Arrow ExtricationFest...Don't miss it!

    Early Notice:

    The first ever Texas ExtricationFest will be held March 16-18, 2007 at the Texas Motor Speedway near Ft Worth. Offered will be several auto extrication courses to choose from, including basic-advanced plus a special feature. The latest information regarding SRS (Airbags) and Hybrid vehicles will be presented. Attendees will see actual examples of side mounted bags and their compressed gas source. Learn the best techniques for working with late model vehicles regarding the new hazards posed to rescuers. Not only will upright vehicles be used, however a variety of positions from sideresting, inverted, to multiple vehicles will be featured during HANDS-ON training. Vendors will supply the latest strut stabilization systems for use plus the latest tools and other gear.

    The special feature will be the BIG RIG RESCUE1 course. This course will feature advanced extrication trng for overturns/underrides using The 5 Step Discipline for Overturns/Underrides.

    The BIG RIG RESCUE-Level 1 program is a specialized educational presentation focusing on accidents involving large trucks and autos. Obviously this program is relevant to daily activities of responders who may participate in vehicle rescue. The BRR program eliminates time consumption while rescuers learn ‘on the job’. Precious minutes of the Golden Hour are saved thus reducing mortality. Rescuers may apply these techniques immediately upon returning to their agency utilizing tools they already possess.

    The BRR-Level 1 program features the following topics:

    Air Bag Lifting Systems (High, Low Pressure and New Technology)
    Timber Cribbing and Strut Support Operations
    The 5 Step Discipline for Overturns and Underrides
    Fundamentals of Winching (Resistances, Line Loading, Angle Multiplier,

    Very challenging, yet realistic scenarios will be featured during the HANDS-ON sessions. Such scenarios as loaded cement mixer overturn onto an auto, van trailer overturn onto an auto, underrides, and loaded tanker overturns onto autos. Learn the most efficient and safest techniques of stabilizing the big rig.

    The BRR-1 training will be at the ‘technician’ level of NFPA 1670, specific for vehicle extrication. The AHJ will make the determination regarding any credit issued.

    Don’t miss this opportunity! Reserve the date now and inquire for further information. Attendance will be limited to ensure MAXIMUM HANDS-ON!

    To make certain that you receive full info, please contact Lee Junkins at Mid-South Rescue.

    More later...
    Developer and Sr. Presenter, Team Xtreme

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    And to think...I figured this was in Canada being in the CANADIAN fourm and all.....
    If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?


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