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    Default Bunker Gear?

    I was recently accepted to the Florida State Fire College in Ocala for Firefighting I & I. Required for the course is NFPA certified full bunker gear. Does anyone within a 100 mile radius have a set of bunker gear that is in good condition that I could borrow or rent for the duration of the course (3 months)? If not, does anyone have any recommendations for obtaining bunker gear? Do most fire departments when hired provide bunker gear to their employees or is the employee generally responsible for obtaining this gear (in a paid department)? I just recently graduated from the University of Florida in Fire and Emergency Services with a bacheleor's degree. So I am very dedicated and responsible if someone could please help me out. Thanks a lot.

    John future firefighter

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    DO they not rent out gear there?

    The school I went to in Melbourne rented out gear.

    Anyways, ways to get gear. Become a vollie somewhere and take what they give you. Go ask the instructors at the school...they can point you in the right direction or may have some for you to rent or borrow. You are not the first student to be there without gear, so they probably already have things in place.

    If none of that works, I have gear in storage in Melbourne. I do not remember the condition as it has been there for 3 years. Give me a shout if you get desperate.

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    Thanks a lot for the insight and the offer. I will inquire about renting the gear at the fire college in Ocala.

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    Contact Jeff Benker @ 1-800-432-3626. I think he has gear he rents.

    Also...It is my experience that once you get on with a Department they provide you gear. This insures you have gear meeting current standards.
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    Default just did this

    I just finished minimum standards at FCTI in St. Augustine. I rentded from a guy at central bunkergear 1-321-243-4145. He has pretty good rates. There was another guy who rented as well, but I can't remember his name. I am sure the school will tell you where to rent from though. Try to get more than one pair of gloves. I went thru 3 pairs as did most of my classmates. Have fun. I hope this helped.

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