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    Default Second Interview

    Hey Guys,

    I just got a call this evening from the training Chief scheduling my second interview. They have already done a backround check and I have taken the poly. The Chief said it would be similar to the first interview in that there were about 8 people there asking about 10-12 questions, which I had exactly two minutes to answer. I was wondering if departments ever ask firefighter knowledge questions in second interviews? I have 7 years firefighter exp with a dept in Tenn. and also spent 7 months working in Iraq. I scored a 42.9 out of 50 in my first interview and a 92 on the written test. Not sure if those scores are above average. Any information would be great. Just trying to get behind the badge again.

    Be Safe!

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    Also, I was worried about how I did on the polygraph. First one I have ever had. Generally speaking, if i am getting a second interview, did I test well on my polygraph? I didn't lie, was just nervous.

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    Default Chiefs

    Congrats on your success. You wouldn't be going forward if you failed the poly.

    Try not to be overwhelmed by the 8 to one (you) odds of this interview.

    Many candidates start to panic when they are notified that they are going to a chief's. They think they have to reinvent themselves. Reinvent the wheel. WHOOAA! Understand what got you there. You are only going to the chiefs oral because of the great stuff you already used in the first oral. You're riding the winning pony. Don't switch ponies.

    Too many candidates switch ponies because "they said". I've never been able to find out who "they" are. If you do not continue to use the good stuff that got you this far, you could drop out of the race. This is a new arena. Candidates who are going to the chiefs interview, start talking to their friends. They convince that they need to do something more. By the time of the interview, they're a wreck. It's not them going into the interview. A clone of someone else. The badges are often given to other candidates.

    The chiefs interview is open to any types of questioning. They generally don't ask tactical questions. They are really trying to find out more about you. How you're going to be as a firefighter for the next 25+ years. Do you fit their culture? We like to hire candidates that are them selves on purpose in the interview. Someone who has a personality and conversational. Are you that person in an interview?

    The biggest problem I've seen on oral boards with seasoned veterans taking entry level or lateral tests is they can't place themselves in the position they are applying for; that of being a snotty nose rookie. They try to hammer the oral board with their credentials thinking the board will just hand them the job. Their oral board's skills are rusty and antiquated. It's hard for them to remember how it was to be a rookie.

    This is a delicate balance here. Leave your time and rank in your locker. You must be humble, place yourself in the rookie position and build a natural bridge to present your education, experience and integrity to the oral board panel. Without this bridge, you're dead meat. This is not easy for many seasoned candidates. An attitude adjustment is needed. Attitude is a small thing that can make the big difference. Remember the position you're applying for.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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