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    Default Now that's a video!

    The clip I saw on one of hte TV comedy shows tonite was better as it was the un-edited cut where the reporter goes, "Cut back here live now!!!" to start the interview (they where showing pics of the scene).

    But this is pretty good...give it a minute or so till they get to the point...which is the TV crew was at the police station...

    When a 6' 7" 250+ lb murder suspect tried to walk by them to turn himself in...of course, he first had to get by the reporter with visions of emmy woodies dancing in his head:


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    Haha.. that was something else.

    I noticed on the side a headline that caught my eye, "On Tape: Rep Won't Let Customer Quit AOL" . HAHA, that is exactly how they act.. especially if you try and cancel your account after the free trial. I'm so glad that DSL/Cable has taken over.
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    That is sure different...

    "what dont you understand I want to cancel my subscription"

    haha I thought that was too funny...

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    The AOL link...wow...

    Time magazine (You know, as in AOL Time Warner...) just got slapped by the CT Attorney General for deceptive practices...they where sending out renewal notices in the form of "bills" and "collection notices"
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