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    Default Pierce and CAFS

    Does Pierce only install their own CAFS units or can you get any brand.
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    I know they have no problem installing Akron foam systems (we have them on two of our rigs), but I'm not sure about CAFS systems. Since they deal with Hale, Waterous and Darley, I'm guessing they shouldn't have a problem installing any of their foam or CAFS systems. Give Fire & Safety Services a call and ask them.

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    My understanding from others is that Pierce will fight you tooth and nail if you want anything other than their system. We had spec'd the Waterous Eclipse, but they came back with their Hercules system. Since there were other reasons that their proposal wasn't accepted, we never did get into it with them. Chauffer6 has the right idea, phone calls are pretty cheap these days.

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    As far as I know they will install any system, but I would think they would push / recommend their own.

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