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    Default Diamond plate

    Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to clean diamond plating on a rig that does not involve a tube of $25 polish and the skin from my index finger?

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    Highly concentrated (2-3 times the strength you drink) instant iced tea. The kind you make with that powered mix. Lemon flavored works best.
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    Mother's has it's own version of the item listed in the Ebay link.

    It's called the Powerball, and can be purchased over the counter at places like Autozone, etc.

    Note that severely pitted and stained diamond plate may be beyond salvaging.
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    Once it is cleaned, I suggest using this to keep it looking great.

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    Default Permanent solution.

    With the current value of scrap aluminum being fairly high, send it where it belongs, and buy some paint!!


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    Get a jug of acid bath from you local auto store.

    dilute it however the label says to dip a stiff bristled scrub brush in it and scrub the diamond plate with it, be sure and spray it off. especially if their is paint near the diamond plate.

    not too expensive and it works pretty good.
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    I've always been told toilet bowl cleaner, but have never tried it on the trucks. I also have seen people use stuff called 77,but you don't want to get it on any of the paint or you'll get a nice *** chewing from your higher ups.BE SAFE

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