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    I just got out of high school and I always wanted to be an FDNY firefighter. You have to be 21 and have atleast 30 college credits (or 2yrs. military service). This winter I am going up to New York to take the written and I believe physical exam as well. I have prayed everyday for that day to come and still pray...I will continue to pray until I get the job!!! I would rather be a poor man who is an FDNY firefighter than the richest man alive!!!! That is how much this job means to me! If anyone could give me any advice or people to contact so I have a great chance of being a FDNY firefighter. I want it to be where I go up there this winter (and only being 19) and do so well that when I turn 21 that they hire me with no question! I dont know exactly what I am trying to say I just need guidance and help making my dream come true! So please help me live the life I want to live!!! Thank you and God Bless!!!

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    You need to get 15 or 30 credits of college, but you have plenty of time for that. You will also need to get NYS CFR although some of the probies from the last class told me that that was no longer a requirement. I think Barron's makes a good firefighter review book which should help you prepare for the written. As far as the physical, run, run ,run and then run some more. Also if you have access to a weight vest and a stepmill that will be good. Other than that, stay out of trouble. No arrests, no financial problems and no dwi's or drugs. Good luck and when people tell you this is the best job in the world, they aren't bull****ting you.

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