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    Default Illegal use of warning device(s)

    Does anybody have any info on the volunteer firefighter (to my understanding he may be an officer) that was suspended from the Trumbull Center Fire Dept for pulling over a vehicle with the lights and/or siren in his personal vehicle? What are your views on people impersinating police officers? I think this is a disgrace to volunteers everywhere, how are we suposed to be taken seriously when people like this are running around ruining our rep? Does anybody think legal action should be taken against this individual? Or, at very least, should he be stripped of his officer's position? And why is this department allowing their members to go around using their warning device(s) like this? Is there no control!!?

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    Default Fact or Fiction

    Thechief, Before you air a departments dirty laundry, how much of your information is fact? Or is this just a nasty rumor. IF your statements are true, hopefully the powers to be have taken proper action to ensure it doesn't happen again.
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    TheChief, correct me if I'm wrong, but your post reads like you're an insider, trying to get a rise out of the public to gather support for whatever your own agenda is. I hope no one falls into this trap by answering any of those questions.

    As Stealth said, I'm sure the department will take the correct actions.

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    I have to agree with stealth and Dog, it is a department issue and noone elses. I am sure the department and it's governing bodies will do what is right. Not being there you or I do not know what actually happened and who are we to monday morning quaterback .

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