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    Quote Originally Posted by NonSurfinCaFF
    But I also wonder with so many that have the opinion that commercial cabs are substandard "trash haulers" and it is just a little bit more money, why don't we see more custom wildland rigs, they need a short wheelbase, they have a good chance to roll over, they need to carry lots of equipment but I would guess that not even 1% are built on a custom chassis. The argument that they are too small doesn't cut it for me, many were built on the Ford C-series and International Cargostar cabovers when they were available.
    Well looking at the latest CDF acquisitions, I will predict that it is not far off until we see a cabover again. They have always been in the works with CDF but these new things are getting to be school-bus long with their International cabs and 4 doors. While I don't like the HME SFO the way it's built, its small size is a good concept and CDF has toyed with them a little. If they were to build their 24s and 25s on that instead they would have a winner.

    I think we are basically in between models right now, with the demise of the Ford C-series and the Mack Midliner there has been little to choose from. I don't think the MR suits that purpose very well though it would look cool


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    For those of you following this thread, I urge you to look at the July 2006 of Firehouse and see the retort/reply by IH trucks to the article in May issue regarding cab safety of commercial rigs. Interesting stuff, worth the read. Page 16, by the way.

    I'm not saying that this changes my opinions about the issue, but I think anyone on the fence needs to see the letter to get the straight dope about IH's cab safety testing program.

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