Things just got hotter, I think. This story has been bashing around the news and has stirred some discussion around various firehouses in the area.

Report: D.C. Firefighters Face Administrative Charges
Charges Could Lead To Dismissal Of Firefighters Who Treated Rosenbaum

POSTED: 4:39 pm EDT July 5, 2006
UPDATED: 5:12 pm EDT July 5, 2006

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WASHINGTON -- In response to the death of former New York Times reporter David Rosenbaum, there is a shakeup at the D.C. Fire Department, the Washington Examiner reported.

According to the paper, Fire Chief Adrian Thompson has filed administrative charges against six firefighters. Those charges could lead to the firefighters' dismissals.

Four of the firefighters treated Rosenbaum after a street mugging last January. At the time, the firefighters thought Rosenbaum was drunk. They later learned he had been beaten.

Rosenbaum died of his injuries two days later.

The Examiner reported that the other two firefighters being charged allegedly were found asleep in an ambulance after they missed a call about a woman who was having trouble breathing.

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