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    Unhappy The End of an Era

    Tomorrow my volunteer fire department will have a special meeting to discuss the selling of our second station to the county. I joined the department 14 years ago and managed to stay with the one station all these years but now due to a lack of volunteers, the management of the volunteer department has decided now is a good time to sell the second station to the county.

    Of course, I believe as well as the remaining volunteers from the second station believe that the pending sell is basically to buy a new squad for station one. The county offered them one, but they turned it down.

    Of course the management says that they aren't doing this to get the money for new squad (yeah right and the management can't hang on to the station management funds it recieves from the county). They say I can come and ride with them, of course none of the volunteers up there even know my name.

    So tomorrow may be an end of an era for a station in Prince George's County as it's members decide to or not to sell their second station.

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    Good luck with the sale.
    Here the 3 stations and the vehilces in them are owned by the Parish and are paid for by the residents via a fire district tax. The VFD is simply a private organization, similar to the local civic association or science fiction club, which has a agreement with the Parish to operate the vehicles and respond to 911 calls to a particular standard. The Parish could sell any station or truck it wishes whenever it wants.
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