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    Default Waterball competitons.

    Does anyones department still compete in a waterball competition? several local towns used to do this but I havent heard anything mentioned in a while about them doing it . Is this a dying "sport"?

    It involved a large ball hung on a wire about 12ft in the air. The fireman from a department would compete aginst another in pushing the ball with your water stream.
    Anyone still do this?

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    Thumbs up Yeah Budy

    Oh Yeah! In fact I'm going to another one on Thursday. It does seem to be getting harder to find FD's that are still puting them on, I don't know if it's liabilities or lack of help. I've also heard of some depts. playing waterball-on the ground-(water soccer?) don't know how that would work, I imagine you would need a fairly heavy ball to play with.

    Allways looking for more, if you know of any in the central MN area, drop me a line.

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    My company's variance on the waterball competition is an empty keg affixed to a wire between 2 poles. We used it at least twice a year.

    In August, our fire district will be holding its annual waterbattle. One of the events is the keg on the wire.

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    Yeah, its still around, not that often. We're going to be doing this soon though aswell.

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    In our county in NE Iowa its pretty popular and also some of the surrounding counties. There are always a few members that always go and participate. Its a good way to meet other departments outside our county and build friendships.

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