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    OK I have a unique situation. I have been given a open license to go forth and find HAZMAT schools. I am currently a Tech and IC instructor for the military. I'm looking for Specialty courses. Anything having to do with HAZMAT is fair game. Location and cost don't matter either so please post all specialist courses or any specialty type courses that you know of. Thanks for the time and help

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    Some great classes in there. I don't know what the cost would be for military, however for civilians most are free. Check out some of the other DHS and CDP websites, they are always offering top notch classes and for the most part are just giving away some of the best training out there. Also I would check with your local and state level OEM's, they usaly have a heads up on what is out there.

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    Try any of the Office of Domestic Preparedness classes:

    Live Agent\COBRA in Anniston, AL

    Radiological Responder in Las Vegas

    Advanced Chem\Bio in Dugway, Utah

    Incident Response to Terrorsit Bombings in Socorro, NM

    Classes are free, includes transportation and meals. These are the best haz-mat classes I have ever taken.
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    They have a great "train derailment" class, you go into a lot of characteristics of tank cars, how to handle train derailments and the like.

    One of the best hazmat classes I have been to.

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