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    Question looking for alil advice...

    hello fellow firefighter, i have a few questions and i figured this would be the best area to ask them, i have been with a vol fire co for 5 years now hear in souther new jersey, i have been around the firehouse for some 20 years going with family members and such. i have been thinking about making a move to a paid co. the only problem is im new to the process. anyone have any good advice for someone trying to get in?? i have many firefighting certs and classes under my belt and also running for lt. this year. im just looking for a starting piont to get my foot in the door and any advice would be awsome!

    thanks for all the help
    keep it safe!!

    new jersey firefighter

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    I would start by knocking on the door of a firehouse where you would like to work. Talk to the firefighters and seek their advice as they are the best ones to give you guidance.

    I am confident others will weigh in and give you some guidance of how to reach your goals.

    Kyle and George are frequest visitors to this site and they both work for departments in New Jersey.

    Good luck

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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    If you are looking to get hired in a NJ DOP department you need to live in the town that you want to work. You have until August 31 to change your residency, as the application period ends on that date. They put out an entry level exam every 2-3 years. Volunteer preference only applies if the town that you volunteer in also has a paid force. NJ is a really screwed up state to get hired in. Unless it's a chiefs test, you need to live where you want to work, no questions asked. They do a thourough check to make sure that you actually live there and aren't just using someones address (knock on neighbors doors with a picture of you, call your house at 3am and ask you to step outside, etc). So my advice to you is to decide really soon what dept you want to get on. For more info check out www.state.nj.us/personnel/

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