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    IF you think michigan left turns are bad. Try driving on the hwys in texas. We have a little something called a texas turn. The driver goes from the far left lane, across three lanes of traffic to make an exit 100 ft in front of them. This type of behavior causes more traffic accidents then drunk-driving.

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    Default "Michigan Left Turn"

    I live in a rural part of North Carolina outside Wilmington. Well, they are building a SuperWalMart here so I guess we've hit the big time. They are turning our 4 lane rural highway into a "super highway" with something they call "michigan left turns." The deal is, no more left turns onto or off of side streets. Every few hundred yards there are U turn areas for those people forced to go North when they wanted to go South and vice versa. I used to take a left onto my street, but now an forced to pass my street and make a u turn at the next light at a "u turn only" intersection and come back to it and make a right. Coming off my street, you can make a right, but no left. Once again, you need to go right to the next U-turn if you wanted to go left. Very annoying. Well, this has been "live" for a few weeks now with (according to the paper) >50 accidents in this one mile stretch, including one fatal yesterday. Overall, people seem very confused. The DOT says "it usually takes a few weeks for people to get used to this arrangement." Anyone else seen this? My apologies to the folks in Michigan, but it looks ridiculous to me. I just know it's all Wal-Marts fault. Can't leave a decent small town alone.

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    I like Michigan lefts where I've encountered them (US 1 in southern RI has had them for decades, and I occassionally see them elsewhere in New England).

    I'm one who even does my own variation sometimes -- on a busy road instead of waiting for both directions to clear to turn left, I'll turn right, then left into a business, and right out of their driveway

    I'm kind of surprised by the accident rate, it's really not that hard of a concept. Then again, I encountered a drunk, someone stoned, and 2 people who just shouldn't have been given a license since they where born stupid last night on a fairly short traffic detail

    Now Jersey Jughandles...those things I just can't get used to!

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    Thumbs down

    Yeh PAJ,

    Just what is needed more boulevards to limit the routes for us to get thru traffic.They are as stupid as those "round a bouts" that they are starting to put in up here. I am sure if they(round a bouts) have not migrated down your way yet, they will.
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    They just installed one (well, are finishing it) on US Rt 7 in Vermont. Ugh.
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    Now Jersey Jughandles...those things I just can't get used to!

    HAHA oh come on they arent that bad lol

    I used to live in MI and I liked those kind of left turns, I prefer them over Jersey jughandles though.

    They are as stupid as those "round a bouts" that they are starting to put in up here
    you mean a CIRCLE?? or is that a rotary? haha

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    Those things are fun. I remember drivers ed my first day out i didn't notice the no left turn sign and i sat there for a good 7 minutes trying to move with people behind blowin the horn and whatnot. Back in the day.
    PS don't worry i'm a much better driver now

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    They tore most of our famous circles out in NJ years ago. It's a shame, should be required to pass for Driver Ed.

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