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    Exclamation Certifications & School?

    Do civilian FF certifications transfer to the Air Force?
    I am a florida state certified firefighter and I am curious if I would have to go through ALL the training for the Air Force after basic.

    Also, I am wanting to just join the Air Force Reserve as a FF, is there a wait for this and is it available to me in FL?


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    Civilian certs do carry over, depending upon what type of cert it is. It must be either IFSAC or Pro-Board. You could also get your local academy to see if the certs you have now are eligible to transfer into the above 2 types. I'm not sure about the wait in FL, you would have to check that. The only problem I see is that Florida is one of only a few states that you must use thier training certs. For example, your FL certs may be good in PA, but my PA cert is not good in Florida, and Florida does not accept any other states certs as far as I know( you can challenge the FL test, but they will not just accept your certs) but double check that with other FF's local to you.

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    Where are you in FL? I can put you in contact with a Air Force Reserve Recruiter in your area who can help.

    As for the certs, I am pretty sure that you will have to attend the school but can test out of most things. You will also have to go through the ARFF part of the school if you are not certified.

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