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    I go in this week for my very 1st interview in front of a civil service commission panel. I have an idea of what to expect for questions but I was wondering what "tough" questions some have been asked that really took the wind out of thier sails and also if they tend to focus in on more certain questions than others. thanks for your help


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    Most qustions are general and meant to check things such as honesty, loyalty, and character. The trickiest one for me desalt with stengths and weaknesses. We all expect this question, but I was once asked to rank my top 5 of each. I wasn't prepared with 5 answers, (I believe I had three come to mind quickly) so I stumbled a bit searching for two more. Aside from that, everything was pretty staight forward. Just relax, take a moment or two to formulate your response in your head before you start speaking and you'll do fine. Good luck to you.

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