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    I have been hearing alot of people saying that the army will train you to be a FF but you won't actually be "firefighting". So what do they do with you once youv'e completed your 13 week training. also how long how long could the waiting list be for an opening.

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    The Army has plenty of things to do for you to keep you busy. I was never a firefighter but I was in the Army and I can tell you from experience that no matter what MOS (job) you hold you will still have to pull security, participate in convoy duty and other details aside from your job. Not to scare you, but keep Iraq in mind with the extracurricular activies that I mentioned. Remember, It's alot more than sitting around a firehouse all day.

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    Youll be doing your firefighter stuff along what other stuff as well. Like me, when I was in the Marines I was an 03. I did that job and lots of other crap. When I was active Army I was a 14J. I did that job and lots of other crap. Now im a 21M, I do that job and lots of other crap. No matter how you look at it, youll do your job and lots of other crap. Sometimes that other crap is good or bad, fun or sucks. Its just part of the military and life. As for me I love it.

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