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    Firefighter’s Safety ABCD
    By: Andres Nieves
    Captain / Paramedic
    Pfizer Pharmaceutical LLC

    Improve your Firefighters safety using the traditional cardiac ABCD but substitute words with Firefighters safety tips (Air, Breathing, Communications and Distress). If your cylinder became low in air, or your harness valves gave you breathing problems, or your radio communication's equipment fails to transmit or receive, or you became disoriented or feel distress due to suddenly deteriorating conditions, you had been identified an Safety Hazard.

    To handle the Safety Hazard use the word NAME (Notify, Assessment, Manage and Evacuate) as soon you identified the ABCD problem. Notify your buddy and the command post about the problem, make an Assessment of the problem, Manage a solution and Evacuate to a safe area as soon as possible. You will be on the spot of your partners and the Incident Commander will gave you the appropriate attention before it is too late.

    The Firefighter's ABCD will transform our Firefighters culture into a new Safety Culture using the ABCD as a basis of safety with the appropriate NAME to solution.
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